First Monday with Vit Horky
Czech Founders
8th of April, 2024 @CREATE26
At Startup Hungary, we maintain a strong connection with Czech Founders and other regional organizations, consulting regularly on community-building best practices. Recognizing the need for a more interconnected CEE ecosystem, we found it compelling to offer a Czech & CEE perspective to the Hungarian community.


Vit Horky

Co-founder and General Partner at Czech Founders VC

Vit Horky

Co-founder and General Partner at Czech Founders VC
event description

Vit Horky is a startup founder and investor. He is a Co-founder and General Partner at Czech Founders VC as well as a founder of Czech Founders, a non-profit helping to support the Czech startup ecosystem. In 2023, he was elected to become an Advisory Board Member at ESNA, a European Startup Nations Association. In his previous role, he was a founder and CEO of Brand Embassy, a B2B technology startup. He led the company from inception to opening offices in San Francisco, London, Dubai and Boston, acquiring Fortune 500 customers in 30+ countries, hiring over 130 employees and raising $6M+ in venture capital. In 2019, Brand Embassy was acquired by NICE, a publicly traded technology company.

During this fireside chat, we talked about topics such as:

- The founder-centric approach of CzechFounders in ecosystem building.
- An introduction to the Czech startup landscape and its evolution.
- CzechFounders VC’s community-driven, founder-led venture capital model.

Patterns of strengths and challenges within the CEE startup ecosystem.

This event offered valuable insights into the Czech and CEE startup ecosystems, exploring the pivotal role of community building and the unique challenges and opportunities that startups face in this region.


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