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Startup Hungary's "First Monday" is a much-anticipated monthly meetup series that has been conceived with the singular aim of fostering a rich and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hungary. As the name suggests, these exciting events take place on the first Monday of every month, acting as a fulcrum for innovative minds to gather, engage, and foster their business acumen

past events

Community Breakfast with Balint Pasztor
29th OF April, 2024 @CREATE26
We had another great morning at our community breakfast hosted by CREATE26 and us - this time around we sat down with Balint Pasztor, CEO and co-founder of DiffuseDrive.
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Wise Design Meetup
24TH OF APRIL, 2024 @Promenade Gardens
The design meetup featured two headline talks that bridge the gap between theory and practice in the realm of design and financial products. We dove deep into the current trends and the future of design and product development with industry-leading speakers.
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WiseTalks x ProductTank Meetup
18TH OF APRIL, 2024 @Promenade Gardens
Attendees from product and engineering backgrounds joined us and Ilya Leyrikh in the Wise office to get inspired and exchange ideas about product management.
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Meetup Night with Martin Villig
15th of April, 2024 @CREATE26
Martin Villig, co-founder of Bolt, delivered a powerful message: greatness is within everyone’s reach. Starting as just two brothers with a vision, they built Bolt into a global leader, encouraging every entrepreneur to keep striving and never settle. Stay hungry and keep pushing forward, just like the Villig brothers!
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First Monday with Vit Horky
8th of April, 2024 @CREATE26
At Startup Hungary, we maintain a strong connection with Czech Founders and other regional organizations, consulting regularly on community-building best practices. Recognizing the need for a more interconnected CEE ecosystem, we found it compelling to offer a Czech & CEE perspective to the Hungarian community.
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Meetup Night with Lightyear
It was a blast hosting Lightyear for their 1st birthday in Hungary! Our fundraising meetup night was extra special as we got to chat with Martin Sokk, their dynamic co-founder and CEO, who shared his insights, experiences, and strategies on how Lightyear succeeded in securing their fundings.
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Growth Hacking Workshop
4th OF April, 2024 @CREATE26
Emis workshop armed participants with practical tools to cultivate a testing-centric mindset, streamline spending on paid media, and seamlessly embed these practices into their teams.
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Community Breakfast with Peter Kovacs
3rd OF April, 2024 @CREATE26
We were thrilled to host Peter Kovacs, a serial entrepreneur for our April event in CREATE26, and talk all about authentic networking tips, tricks and mindset.
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First Monday with Colossyan
4th of March. 2024 @CREATE26
We were really excited to host Dominik of Colossyan, the fastest growing Hungarian startup which has recently announced a record-high $22M Series A led by Lakestar with the participation of previous investors including Day One Capital, Launchub Ventures, Oktogon Ventures and Emerge Education.
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Community Breakfast with Eszter Avar
29th OF FEBRUARY, 2024 @CREATE26
We had a brilliant chat with Eszter Avar from Blueberry Development LLC about leadership, high-performing teams, and all the intricacies of teams and scaling.
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Pitch Deck Workshop with Sam Eisenberg
20th OF February, 2024 @CREATE26
Massive thanks to Sam for bringing his A-game and helping our participants tweak their decks to perfection. And to all who joined - we can't wait to see what you do next!
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First Monday with SEON & 500EE
5th OF February. 2024 @CREATE26
Massive thanks to Tamas Kadar & Enis Hulli for igniting the February edition of First Monday with their incredible insights. The fireside chats on SEON Fraud Fighters' growth and 500 Emerging Europe's take on the CEE tech future were nothing short of inspiring!
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Community Breakfast with Adam Springer
31st OF JANUARY, 2024 @CREATE26
What a morning! Our first event in the series of Community Breakfasts with CREATE26 set the bar high, blending great food, fantastic company, and invaluable insights.
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Sales workshop with Adam Springer
30th OF January, 2024 @CREATE26
We honed in on refining sales strategies, the buyer journey, and lead generation techniques with Adam Springer in January.
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Customer Profile Lists with AI workshop
23rd OF January, 2024 @CREATE26
Viktor helped attendees craft precise customer profiles - AI has shown itself to be a multi-purpose powerhouse, essential in our business and sales arsenal.
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Meetup Night with Tytus Cytowski
17TH OF January, 2024 @CREATE26
We hosted Tytus Cytowski, an experienced US lawyer and angel investor at a fireside chat event centered around the ins and outs of scaling from the CEE to Silicon Valley.
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Data Driven Marketing Workshop
17th OF January, 2024 @CREATE26
Applause for Emi Agg, David Papp & David Kozak who brought data to the center stage at our workshop - from interactive tasks, the insightful presentation, and dynamic brainstorming sessions.
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First Monday with Lars Jörnow
2nd OF January. 2024 @CREATE26
We kicked off 2024 at First Monday - which uniquely occured on a Tuesday, January 2nd. We were thrilled to announce that we would welcome Lars Jörnow, Founding Partner at EQT Ventures with us.
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First Monday - Startup Salaries
4th of December. 2023 @CREATE26
This edition was centered around Day One Capital’s salary benchmark report, we invited Kálmán to speak on the findings and HR leaders from noteable Hungarian startups to share their insights and take on the current compensation climate.
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Product Testing Workshop
27th of November, 2023 at CREATE26
Dániel and Péter's workshop was all about turning obstacles into stepping stones. Whether it was product development, nailing down the ideal customer profile, or go-to-market tactics, they showed attendees how to test their way to triumph or pivot with purpose.
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Trials and POCs Workshop
7TH OF November, 2023 @CREATE26
Viktor's workshop was a game-changer for those struggling with trial and POC stages in sales. The interactive presentation targeted key sales challenges, addressing extended POCs, trial ghosting, and competitive losses.
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First Monday with Munch
November's First Monday with Munch co-founders Kirill & Bence and Robert from Fiedler Capital, was a deep dive into their munchin' B2C scaling journey. Unpacking their recent funding round, team culture, and international expansion – it was all on the table!
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Marketing Workshop
3rd OF November, 2023 @CREATE26
Cheers to a workshop where learning met doing! Emi Agg guided participants through customer-first strategies and the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.
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Sales Pipeline Workshop
19th of October, 2023 @CREATE26
When Viktor talks sales, rooms get packed! In this workshop we dove deep into everything from personalized outreach, effective list-building sequences, to social warm-ups.
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Meetup Night with Jiri Necas
One of our recent gatherings was a special fireside chat. Jiri Necas from Productboard & Hiring On Ramp shared expert knowledge and we took a deep dive into the "Eight Hiring Pitfalls for Startups"!
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AI Crafts by BobCats Coding
Hats off to a phenomenal debut of Bobcats Coding's AI Crafts series, in partnership with us!
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Data Science Meetup with CraftHub
4th of October, 2023 @Create26
We catered to data enthusiasts at the Crunch Conference pre-meetup in 2023, who could seize the opportunity to learn from Matyas File and István Mészáros.
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First Monday with Flawless
2nd of October, 2023 @CREATE26
Zoltan Patai shared his insights after the excitement of their recent €2 million funding round, and the journey of Eversync (prev. Flawless) up until this point.
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Legal Workshop
18th of September, 2023 @The Spot
Do you know how to safeguard your intellectual property (IP)? In our insightful workshop with Petra designed exclusively for startups, we dove into the intricacies of IP protection with real-world scenarios and savvy tactics.
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Wise - Women in Tech
What does it truly take to foster an inclusive and equitable tech industry? On September 7th, we delved into this critical question during our Women in Tech: Brunch & Learn event, in partnership with Wise.
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Discovery Call Workshop
13th of September, 2023 @The Spot
As we closed summer, the workshops were heating up with Viktor on Discovery Calls - win bigger and close deals faster.
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First Monday with Commsignia
11th of September, 2023 @The Spot
First Monday provided an incredible discussion on V2X, all thanks to the knowledgeable Szabolcs Patay and Laszlo Virag - we're also grateful to investors Csaba Kakosy and Bence Gergely for addig further depth to the conversation.
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Product Management Workshop
4th of September, 2023 @The Spot
Our product management workshop was more than just a lecture — it was a lively, interactive dialogue thanks to our incredible attendees & speakers!
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Fall Opening Founder Party
28TH OF August, 2023 @ DESIGN TERMINAL
We were thrilled to invite founders to an evening of networking, discussions, and raising a toast to more successes in the latter part of 2023!
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First Monday with Axoflow
7th of August, 2023 @ The Spot
A massive thank you to our amazing community of founders, members and enthusiast who turned out in force for our recent First Monday session. From the Balabit exit saga to Axoflow's soaring success – the stories shared were nothing short of inspiring.
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Product Demo Workshop
25th of July, 2023 @ The Spot
Our "Demo like a Winner" workshop was incredible - Viktor Hatfaludi shared his extensive experience of over 1,000 demos, our participants gained actionable techniques to make their demos stand out and drive conversions.
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First Monday with Jared Schrieber
3rd of July, 2023 @ The Spot
A big thank you to all who joined us for our First Monday event with Jared Schrieber! After some exciting news we had an insightful session on fundraising for early-stage startups, networking in great company, rozé fröccs, and pizza.
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Content Strategy Workshop
27th of June, 2023 @ Design Terminal
We explored how to build a content strategy that boosts inbound leads and outbound conversion rates. It was inspiring to see the participants learn the power of content marketing in just one hour a day! Special thanks to Viktor for the session.
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SH Annual Retreat
12th of June, 2023 @ Balatonakarattya
We held our 3rd annual Founder & Partner retreat and celebrated the beginning of the next chapter of Startup Hungary with our expanding community of founders, investors and partners.
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Founder Party
On the 8th, we organized a serendipitous gathering for our newly joining members of Startup Hungary membership, along with professional partners and founder board joiners.
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First Monday with Volteum
5th of June, 2023 @ The Spot
Thanks a lot everyone who showed up to the last First Monday event before our 3rd birthday! We were stoked to give a sneak peek to the audience about the next era of Startup Hungary and to uncover the story of Volteum w CEO & Co-Founder Zsófia Tóth and investors Csaba Kakosy (Day One Capital) and Martin Olczyk (Techstars).
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Meetup Night with Lightyear
We hosted Martin Sokk from Lightyear for a much-awaited talk about the company's inception, recent fundraising, and launch in Hungary followed by an awesome fireside chat and Q&A.
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First Monday with Tailfin
8th of May, 2023 @ The Spot
Last night's First Monday was special for many reasons: not only did we have the co-founder & CTO of one of the two Hungarian startups that got into Y Combinator so far, we also celebrated a new generation of First Mondays with increased quality and the option to give back to the local ecosystem.
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