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Startup Hungary's "First Monday" is a much-anticipated monthly meetup series that has been conceived with the singular aim of fostering a rich and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hungary. As the name suggests, these exciting events take place on the first Monday of every month, acting as a fulcrum for innovative minds to gather, engage, and foster their business acumen

past events

Fall Opening Founder Party
28TH OF August, 2023 @ DESIGN TERMINAL
We were thrilled to invite founders to an evening of networking, discussions, and raising a toast to more successes in the latter part of 2023!
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First Monday with Axoflow
7th of August, 2023 @ The Spot
A massive thank you to our amazing community of founders, members and enthusiast who turned out in force for our recent First Monday session. From the Balabit exit saga to Axoflow's soaring success – the stories shared were nothing short of inspiring.
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Product Demo Workshop
25th of July, 2023 @ The Spot
Our "Demo like a Winner" workshop was incredible - Viktor Hatfaludi shared his extensive experience of over 1,000 demos, our participants gained actionable techniques to make their demos stand out and drive conversions.
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First Monday with Jared Schrieber
3rd of July, 2023 @ The Spot
A big thank you to all who joined us for our First Monday event with Jared Schrieber! After some exciting news we had an insightful session on fundraising for early-stage startups, networking in great company, rozé fröccs, and pizza.
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Content Strategy Workshop
27th of June, 2023 @ Design Terminal
We explored how to build a content strategy that boosts inbound leads and outbound conversion rates. It was inspiring to see the participants learn the power of content marketing in just one hour a day! Special thanks to Viktor for the session.
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SH Annual Retreat
12th of June, 2023 @ Balatonakarattya
We held our 3rd annual Founder & Partner retreat and celebrated the beginning of the next chapter of Startup Hungary with our expanding community of founders, investors and partners.
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Founder Party
On the 8th, we organized a serendipitous gathering for our newly joining members of Startup Hungary membership, along with professional partners and founder board joiners.
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First Monday with Volteum
5th of June, 2023 @ The Spot
Thanks a lot everyone who showed up to the last First Monday event before our 3rd birthday! We were stoked to give a sneak peek to the audience about the next era of Startup Hungary and to uncover the story of Volteum w CEO & Co-Founder Zsófia Tóth and investors Csaba Kakosy (Day One Capital) and Martin Olczyk (Techstars).
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First Monday with Tailfin
8th of May, 2023 @ The Spot
Last night's First Monday was special for many reasons: not only did we have the co-founder & CTO of one of the two Hungarian startups that got into Y Combinator so far, we also celebrated a new generation of First Mondays with increased quality and the option to give back to the local ecosystem.
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