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    Check out the third edition of the Hungarian Startup Report. The report series is an integral part of our objective to quantify the local ecosystem, its growth opportunities, and challenges, and to create year-over-year benchmarks to follow trends and progress in the region.

  • For More & Better Startups

    Startup Hungary is an independent, entrepreneur-led organization launched to supercharge the startup community
    and to support the birth and development of more high growth potential tech companies in Hungary.

    It is founded by proven entrepreneurs and supported by key players of the startup ecosystem,
    who share a belief in Hungary's potential as a regional hub and want to join forces to fuel its growth.

  • What Do We Do?

    Boosting the network

    Uniting, growing and promoting the local startup community through quality events, research, and building access to international networks.

    Cultivating the scene

    Educating startups, investors, accelerators and other ecosystem players. Spreading international standards, know-how, and best practices.

    Shaping a better environment

    Advising policymakers to remove any barriers and further improve the supportive environment for high growth potential technology startups.

  • Founders

    We believe that the startup community has to be led by entrepreneurs.
    The founders of Startup Hungary are some of the most established entrepreneurs who proved that it is possible to build globally successful enterprises from Hungary. Their leadership makes this initiative unique and powerful and guarantees that Startup Hungary will always be focused on its core mission.

    Startup Hungary co-founder, Balazs Vinnai

    Balazs Vinnai

    Angel & Serial Entrepreneur
    previously Co-Founder at IND (acq. by Mysis)

    Startup Hungary co-founder, Balint Orosz

    Balint Orosz

    Founder at Craft Docs,
    previously Co-Founder at Distinction (acq. by Skyscanner)

    Startup Hungary co-founder, David Lakatos

    David Lakatos

    CPO at Formlabs,
    previously Co-Founder at Sold (acq. by Dropbox)

    Startup Hungary co-founder, Dorka Horvath

    Dorka Horvath

    CEO & Co-Founder at BOOKR Kids

    Startup Hungary co-founder, Eszter Ozsvald

    Eszter Ozsvald

    Co-Founder and CTO at Notch

    Startup Hungary co-founder, Gyula Feher

    Gyula Feher

    Partner at Oktogon Ventures, previously Co-Founder at Ustream (acq. by IBM)

    Startup Hungary co-founder, Peter Arvai

    Peter Arvai

    Executive Chair and
    Co-Founder at Prezi

    Startup Hungary co-founder, Peter Balogh

    Peter Balogh

    Co-CEO at Baconsult, previously Founder & CEO at NNG

    Startup Hungary co-founder, Peter Halacsy

    Peter Halacsy

    Founder at Budapest School, previously Co-Founder and CTO at Prezi

    Startup Hungary co-founder, Veronika Pistyur

    Veronika Pistyur

    Partner at Oktogon Ventures, Co-Founder at Bridge Budapest

    Startup Hungary co-founder, Zoltan Gyorko

    Zoltan Gyorko

    Founder & CEO at Balabit (acq. by One Identity)

    Startup Hungary co-founder, Zoltan Prekopcsak

    Zoltan Prekopcsak

    VP of Data at Prezi
    previously Co-Founder at Radoop (acq. by Rapid Miner)

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  • Founding Partners

    Key players of the ecosystem have joined forces to provide the necessary resources to establish Startup Hungary. The founding partners delegate members to the board and they will continue to support the mission of the organization.

    Startup Hungary founding partner, Design Terminal
    Startup Hungary founding partner, Google
    Startup Hungary founding partner, IVSZ
  • Partners

    Our work growing the local ecosystem is supported by a group of amazing organizations who share our belief in Hungary’s potential as a leading innovation hub.


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