Legal Workshop
How to Protect your Intellectual Property
September 18th, 2023 @The Spot
Petra Kovacsics is a legal counsel specialized in privacy and technology law, including data protection, IP and cloud computing. She has 10+ combined experience across international law firms and tech start-ups. Being passionate about tech products and businesses, she helps digital businesses understand their critical legal risks and the potential solutions to overcome them.


Petra Kovacsics

Data & Technology Lawyer, Founder of Techprivacylab

Petra Kovacsics

Data & Technology Lawyer, Founder of Techprivacylab
event description

During the workshop Petra helped participants dive into various aspects of IP, offering valuable insights on its importance and methods of safeguarding it. Key discussion points included the different types of IP and their relevance to startups, essential IP protection measures to be implemented during a startup launch, and the optimal timing for consulting an IP expert. Attendees were also informed about the risks associated with neglecting IP protection and given guidelines on how to formulate both global and budget-conscious IP strategies. The session was enriched with real-life case studies, equipping participants with actionable insights whether they were new to the concept of IP protection or looking to refine their existing strategies.


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