Meetup Night with Martin Villig
Co-founder of Bolt
15th of April, 2024 @CREATE26
Martin Villig, co-founder of Bolt, delivered a powerful message: greatness is within everyone’s reach. Starting as just two brothers with a vision, they built Bolt into a global leader, encouraging every entrepreneur to keep striving and never settle. Stay hungry and keep pushing forward, just like the Villig brothers!


Martin Villig

Co-Founder of Bolt

Martin Villig

Co-Founder of Bolt
event description

Martin Villig, an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience, made his mark in the tech world as a co-founder of Bolt, a leading urban mobility platform. Before Bolt, Martin contributed significantly to Skype’s backend development, learning valuable lessons in tech growth and acquisition. His journey from founding a web design company, ZERO, to shaping Bolt into a revolutionary force in urban transportation highlights his commitment to innovation and sustainability. Beyond business, Martin is passionate about promoting eco-friendly commuting and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. His story is a powerful example of entrepreneurial resilience and the impact of technology on society.

On the 15th, participants had the opportunity to hear the captivating story of Bolt's inception, the hurdles overcome, and the strategic decisions that fueled its rapid growth. Martin shared insights into Bolt's fundraising journey, its strategic Go-To-Market approach that spearheaded expansion across the Baltics, CEE, and into Africa, and the company's mission to make cities more people-friendly.

But that's not all. The evening shined a light on the vibrant Estonian startup ecosystem, famously known for producing the highest number of unicorns per capita. The presentation provided an opportunity to learn about the "Skype effect" and how it catalyzed the ecosystem, the ethos of giving back as demonstrated by the Estonian mafia, and the secret ingredients of Estonia's tech magic.


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