Product Management Workshop
The Do's and Don'ts of Early Stage Product Management with Dániel Nőthig & Péter Laczkó
September 4th, 2023 at The Spot
Our product management workshop was more than just a lecture — it was a lively, interactive dialogue thanks to our incredible attendees & speakers!


Dániel Nőthig

Product Advisor, Founder

Péter Laczkó

Product Manager

Dániel Nőthig

Product Advisor, Founder

Péter Laczkó

Product Manager
event description

As an early-stage startup, you need to balance product building and traction development in parallel. There's no product management without product marketing. You have to make decisions that create high leverage andeliminate key risks with minimal investment.

Having depth about the problem to find unique insights, selecting the right segments and use cases to target, getting traction for hypothesis validation, and ensuring good retention before scaling are all critical.

In this workshop, we focused on the specialties of early-stage product management to help startup founders make those decisions.

The topics we covered:

- Fundamentals of Product management

- Nuances of building products from the ground up

- Best practices for Pre-PMF product building

Deep dive topics:

- Talking to customers and validating hypotheses

- Finding the right use case/segment and positioning (incl. how we win)

- MVP scoping

- How to think about PMF

- Prioritization

- Monetization

- Tooling for startups

- Hiring a Head of Product


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