Trials and POCs Workshop
B2B Sales WS series
7TH OF November, 2023 @CREATE26
Viktor's workshop was a game-changer for those struggling with trial and POC stages in sales. The interactive presentation targeted key sales challenges, addressing extended POCs, trial ghosting, and competitive losses.


Viktor Hatfaludi

B2B Sales Consultant

Viktor Hatfaludi

B2B Sales Consultant
event description

This workshop focused on pinpointing common mistakes, enhancing high-volume segment conversions, and mastering enterprise POCs, offering vital strategies for these crucial deal stages.

Viktor wrote, that if our attendees are losing deals at the trial/POC stage this workshop would be to their utmost benefit. Attendees might’ve experienced buyers: asking for 1-3 month long POCs, ghosting them the moment they activate their trial and then asking for an extension as soon as their time is up, asking for unreasonably high discounts, OR just being told weeks after a POC that they went with the competition?

During this WS, attendees could stop worrying about these happening, since the session covered what mistakes attendees are making, how to convert more free trials for the low-ACV high-volume segment, and how to run successful Enterprise POCs.

About the speaker:

Viktor Hatfaludi is an accomplished B2B sales consultant with a proven record of guiding sales teams at startups to achieve remarkable revenue growth. He played a pivotal role in scaling Bitrise from a Series A to Series C company, growing the sales team from one person to over 40 members.


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