Content Strategy Workshop
B2B Sales WS Series
27th of June, 2023 @ Design Terminal
Viktor Hatfaludi is an accomplished B2B sales consultant with a proven record of guiding sales teams at startups to achieve remarkable revenue growth. He played a pivotal role in scaling Bitrise from a Series A to Series C company, growing the sales team from one person to over 40 members.


Viktor Hatfaludi

B2B Sales Consultant

Viktor Hatfaludi

B2B Sales Consultant
event description

Outbound Sales Workshops: The best way to generate sign-ups for your product that you're (probably) not using.

Startups typically struggle with building a pipeline organically because no one knows who they are or what they do. And even if you do a great job reaching out to prospects over email and phone: what reason do they have to trust you at all?

What have you done to show you have their best interest in mind? What can you show that proves you can deliver on your promise anyway?

The solution is simpler than you think and you likely haven't touched it yet. It's content marketing. But doesn't writing content take a ton of time? Not if you're working smart. And we're not talking about using AI either.

In this workshop session participants learnt how to build a content marketing engine to boost sign ups to your products and services.


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