Product Demo Workshop
B2B Sales WS Series
25th of July, 2023 @ The Spot
Viktor Hatfaludi is an accomplished B2B sales consultant with a proven record of guiding sales teams at startups to achieve remarkable revenue growth. He played a pivotal role in scaling Bitrise from a Series A to Series C company, growing the sales team from one person to over 40 members.


Viktor Hatfaludi

B2B Sales Consultant

Viktor Hatfaludi

B2B Sales Consultant
event description

Outbound Sales Workshops: Demo like a Winner - The ultimate framework to increase conversions.

You can have as many customer calls as you want - if you don’t know how to inspire people you’re not going to close. Demos are just one of many ways you can get your prospects’ attention.

Since starting his sales career, Viktor has given over 1,000 demos of highly technical products because he was raised to “always do a demo”, which was the mantra of all managers at the company. And while that’s not the best approach Viktor explained when and how participants should run demos if they want to increase your conversions and deal size.By the end of this workshop participants had a framework that they could apply to their own product to make their demos stand out.


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